Buy and hold bitcoin (BTC) , trade crypto or invest?

What do you recommend me to do?

This is the main question I am receiving nowadays. Ok, here we go. I would choose between these three options depending on how much time you have and want to spend in cryptocurrency.

  1. If you have no extra time, buy Bitcoin and hold it till it increases in value.
  2. If you have some extra time, Buy bitcoins, invest in a program and inspire more people to do so.
  3. If you have a lot of time buy Bitcoins, daytrade with altcoins and accumulate more bitcoins.

The last option at first, I really had problems with believing in and supporting it, but my opinion has slightly changed. I am into cryptocurrency since 2010 and have mined, cloud mined, bought and held and traded coins. Because of all the media attention, we received on our decision (selling everything, including our house, we had for bitcoins) a lot of people contacted me to start investing in programs that promise you 1% of return on investment every working day. There were so many offers I received and I didn’t know which one to trust. I was really skeptic about all of them because they all combine crypto with MLM (multi-level marketing). And to be honest I am always really cautious when it comes to MLM but on the other hand, I was curious how it worked.

Again. because of all the media attention I now daily get asked how can I start buying bitcoin and trading alt coins etc. I try to speak to as many people possible because I love to inspire them to get started with bitcoin, but a lot of people have the same questions and doubts. A lot of people don’t have the money to start or don’t want give up what they have to accumulate bitcoins. Other people have money but work so many hours that they don’t have the time to trade or to look deeper into the crypto world. At last, there is the category that still doesn’t trust cryptocurrency. That’s why almost every conversation I have nowadays goes the same:

Bitcoin Conversation

Q. Wow amazing what you did with your family. I wish I had the guts. Just wanted to wish you luck with the steps you took.
A.  Thank you very much for those nice words.

Q. Can I ask you how I can start buying bitcoins?
A. Visit and follow the roadmap. If you still have questions just contact me.

Q. Do you think bitcoin will still increase in value?
A.  Yes, why would I else sell all my belongings and put it into bitcoin? I have a wife and 3 kids, hahaha

Q. What if bitcoins drops in value.
A. Yes, there is a risk to trading and losing money but in my opinion, the risk is minimal and I believe blockchain and cryptocurrency will be a revolution of the monetary system and contribute the next step in the evolution of money.  Secondly, I don’t want to pay interest on my savings so banking at the moment is not an option for me.

Q. I don’t have the time to trade, should I try it?
A. Trading is not for everybody so if you don’t have time to do it, don’t do it!

Q.  But how can I participate in crypto then?
A. Just buy bitcoin and hodl ( in cryptoland hodl is often used instead of hold 🙂 )till it increases in value.  Then use it to for whatever you want to use it for or change it back to euros.

Q. How high will bitcoin go?
A. I hope to the moon, but to be honest I really don’t know. If I listen to all the experts and look mathematically at it and analyze people and how they act on scarce products (0nly 4.5 million bitcoins left) I think it will be no problem to reach 25k in next few years.

Q. Ok I need to buy some, again how can I start?
A. Visit and follow the roadmap hahaha.

Q. And are you really sure Bitcoin will increase in Value?
A. Yes, I am but I can’t predict the future. If you think there is a to big risk and you want a bit more security on your investment maybe you should try USI-TECH where you receive 1% on your investment each working day. So after 140 days, you will have 40% extra and if bitcoin rises in value even more.

Q. Huh how does that work?
A. For example, you invest € 1.000 in BTC. In 140 workdays you will receive €1.400 worth of BTC. And if you reinvest your 1% profit every day it will be much more after 140 days but you are not obligated to do this. You can withdraw your daily 1% profit every day. If you get people to start doing the same you earn a bit more.

Q. Really? Sounds interesting. How do I start?
A. Just click this link Usi-Tech and I will get you started.

Q. Are you in Usi-Tech
A. Yes, I also invested in Usi-Tech because I was curious if it would work.

Q. Does it work
A. Yes till now I am receiving 1% every working day and the company is growing as we speak. But always investigate yourself to become confident in the product and company. You are trusting them to with your money!

Q. How much should I put in.
A. As much as you are prepared to lose. It is free to start and 1 btc package costs €50,-


Hahaha, so that is how my days look like nowadays. To be honest, yes I think you can earn more with day trading but if you have no time or skills to do it, please don’t. If you don’t have time to look into it but believe in the (r)evolution that blockchain will create and that bitcoin will increase in value, just buy Bitcoins and hold them. If you think that it will take more then 140 days before bitcoin is worth 40% more than it is now, you can as well make more BTC by investing it in for example USI-tech. If you just hold 1 BTC it will remain 1 BTC. If you invest in, for example, Usi-Tech you will have 40% extra in 140 working days.

There are many companies that provide these 1% return on investment opportunities and I chose to try Usi-Tech because there is a company behind it that has been around for some time and it’s innovative. Again I don’t want to sell you anything but I just want to inspire you to start in crypto and give you an insight of all the possibilities in cryptocurrency.

So again you can 1) buy and hold, 2) buy and invest, or  3) buy and trade.

As you can see all three options start with buying bitcoins. To start buying just look at the roadmap on

Thanks for reading and If you have any questions just mail me and I will try to help you. Again I believe that the world will change because of blockchain and crypto and that’s why I want to leave you with the following quote.

“You can fool some people sometimes but you can’t fool all the people all the time”
― Bob Marley


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