What will BTC bring us in 2018 ?

So, that was me again two busy but nice weeks. Two film crews that followed us to make a documentary, again many interviews and podcasts. In addition, we started to write a book and we even received an application for the exclusive rights to a cinema film from America. Where does this adventure take us? There you will then give a presentation to Blocker about our story. People got excited so that I got more energy again and the interaction between the room was super what led, to me strange, that people wanted to take selfies with me. What the fuck, are we becoming famous? I do not know all that anymore but I still wonder what it is in people that they find our story so super. We just stay the family at a campsite with some Bitcoins. Enough about us and let’s talk about the coins. What a roller coaster with that Bitcoin the last two weeks, but this week the real Believers are separated from the short term gold seekers because when that Bitcoin dropped from $ 19,000 to $ 11,300 probably everyone who does not believe in the long-term of Bitcoin sold his coins and everyone who wants to buy it cheaply. To the (still) non-believers I would like to say that Bitcoin will hit the $ 40,000 in 2018 and this fluctuation of 30+% has already happened 6 times before this year. Bitcoin always moves 7 steps forward and then 2 steps back so you can calculate where he is going now. In my last blog 2 weeks ago I estimated Bitcoin at $ 15,000 with Christmas, but this will probably go a bit higher between Christmas and New Year. The crypto market is super profitable and yes there is also a risk and therefore you only have to invest with money that you can miss. I myself bought Pivx around 0.00058 and expect an increase of at least 50% this week but I am not an expert so do your own research!

Our tips for 2018: Long-term BTC, LTC, ETH. 10 Coins to keep an eye on in 2018; XRP, XMR, Waves, XVG, XLM, LSK, Qtum, Power Ledger, ZEC, and Dash.

We as yolofamilytravel aka the bitcoin family aka the camping guests hahaha, would you like to wish all the lovely Christmas days and an amazing new year with lots of love, happiness, health and crypto fun in 2018. We will celebrate Christmas in the Netherlands but the next blog will probably be written from a beanbag in a cheap sunny Asian country.

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